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Who I am - Jamie Mandujano LMT

I created Holistic Bodywork, LLC in hopes that I could better someone's day or make an impact in their health by the simple sense of touch. 

Holistic Bodywork, LLC is a massage studio focusing on the whole individual, the full structural integrity of the body and not just the problematic areas. 

I've been massaging my whole life, intuitively navigating wellness and health. Massage therapy is just one aspect of "Holistic Bodywork" that I've pursued professionally for the last three years. 

The responses have been extraordinary, leading me to open up my own studio and continue to do bodywork.


Pain & Anatomy

Stress and chronic-pain are not restricted regionally  and can affect the whole body especially posture and gait. 

With an understanding of anatomy, it is easy to see how pain and tension can be referred to other areas of the body. 

It is my job to be aware of these problem areas and find the best way to solve the issue(s) at hand. My work is therefore very specific and works with your breath to easily release tension without the pain. 


Holistice Experience

"Holistic bodywork" is beyond being just a therapeutic massage but the beginning of a transformative experience. 

With a specific blend of Trigger Point, Swedish, and Deep Tissue Massage, I make sure each session is curtailed to each client for their needs.

My hope is to bring your body back to its greatest potential, leaving you feeling relaxed, alive, and ready for opportunities!

Holistic Bodywork, LLC

4930 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756, United States

(512) 318-6647

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